Welcome best options trading platform singapore to the Palos Park Police Department’s website.  This website is one of the many ways that the Police Department strives to communicate with our community members.  It is the hope that our website can help provide you with information on current crime trends and helpful insights into the Palos binary options trading Park Police Department. Don't forget to check out the latest:

The how to trade binary options men and women of the Palos Park Police Department will work with our citizens to provide the highest level of quality professional service that the Village of Palos Park deserves.

Police Notices

Strategic Plan 2015
Palos Park Police have released the draft of their 2015+ Strategic Plan that is intended to provide part of a road map for how the department will direct resources and provide services. Police Chief Joe Miller said, "It gives the organization a strategic road map, where are we going, and how are we going to do it. View More ►

Palos Park Police are offering Free Bicycle Safety Helmets to children in Palos Park. Chief Joe Miller says 'The helmets are a preventative measure in conjunction with the National Children-N-Safety Program.'

Head injuries and falls from bicycles are often times the main reason children visit emergency rooms during the summer months. Palos Park Police hope that by issuing the helmets they can prevent head injuries to children riding bicycles. READ MORE ►


Autism Safety Form

As a police department, the likelihood to come in contact with a child or adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) continues to rise. To help ensure the safety of children and adults with ASD, the Palos Park Police Department has compiled an Emergency Contact Form. This form will provide us with pertinent information including a photograph, in the event your family needs assistance. Download the form and mail or drop it off at the Palos Park Police Department at 8999 W. 123rd Street, Palos Park, IL 60464.

Our goal is to provide awareness to first responders and to prevent unfortunate circumstances from developing. We hope that by setting up an easy way for parents to provide their children’s information, communication will be enhanced on both sides.

Download Autism Safety Form ►

Focus on Safety
Social Networking Sites ~ Online Friendships Can Mean Offline Peril. Learn the facts about social networking from the professionals. LEARN MORE ►

Palos Park Police 100th Anniversary CarPolice Announce 100th Anniversary Patrol Unit
Police Commissioner Dan Polk and Mayor John Mahoney have unveiled the department’s newest patrol unit (#2014) and they thanked Officer Ross Chibe who designed the 100th anniversary graphics for the anniversary patrol unit.

Along with the commemorative patrol unit, officers will be wearing 100th anniversary badges during 2014. The badges celebrate the village’s 100th anniversary and will be worn for one year.

Commissioner Polk said, “The Police Department has undergone quite a few changes in 100 years, having operated out a chief’s home, the old Village Hall (Now the Recreation Center) and retired mobile class-rooms from District 118, until 2001 when they moved into the newly constructed Kaptur Administrative Center.”

Mayor John Mahoney said, “Badges, uniforms and staff may have changed over the years, but the department's commitment to the safety of Palos Park has remained a constant.”

The new patrol unit (#2014) commemorating the village’s centennial, will be assigned to twenty three year veteran Sergeant John Sawyer. Sawyer has served a patrol officer, detective, senior sergeant and over sees the department’s day shift. Sawyer is the village’s senior employee.

As we begin this new year we need to review, revise and refine (as needed) our Strategic Plan. Our goal as an organization is to discuss, plan and think about what is important now and in the future. READ MORE

The Palos Park Police Department’s goal is to be a service-driven organization with a culture of excellence where citizens receive the best, and employees give their best, every day. To that end, we look toward 2013+ in a planning, budgeting, training, preparing culture embodied in principles looking forward as a compass to guide us. PLEASE READ MORE

Local Adjudication in Palos Park
Palos Park seeks to offer Administrative Adjudication as an alternative to court. This process addresses a wide range of cases involving violations of municipal ordinances and codes. This hearing will take place at the Kaptur Administrative Center 8999 W. 123trd Street Palos Park, Illinois. READ MORE

Bullying Awareness
Mayor John Mahoney and Police Commissioner Dan Polk have announced new measures promoting awareness and action on the issue of bullying. Bullying is a community problem and we can work as a community (Parents, Police, Schools and Students) to end bullying. The initiatives include The B.A.T.L.E. program, an anti-bullying media campaign, partnering with local schools and sharing research on bullying with parents. Mayor Mahoney said, it is a call to remind us all of our respective responsibilities, to reaffirm our desire to fight a phenomenon that some will say has always existed, but which we will no longer tolerate. This initiative confirms our obligation to fight bullying and to help the kids who are victims, as well as the perpetrators of bullying." The planned media campaign begins this week, along with a guide for parents and information on the Village of Palos Park website on how to deal with bullying. Police Commissioner Dan Polk emphasized, “Stopping it is everyone’s job, Nine times out of 10, bullying happens in front of an audience, whether it’s in person or on the Internet. If someone steps in, two times out of three the bully stops. So it’s important not to be silent. This campaign calls on students, parents and teachers to do their part so that it ends.”

Palos Park Police announce new “A Child is Missing Alert System”
Palps Park Police are partnering with “A Child Is Missing” (ACIM) which is devoted to assisting law enforcement in the search and early safe recovery efforts of children, the elderly (often with Alzheimer's), and disabled persons via a rapid-response neighborhood alert program utilizing high-tech telephony systems. ►

Ride A Long
Part I and Park II of a ride in the squad cars of the Palos Park Police Department.

Palos Park Police now offer an easy way to report Bad Driving with the Citizen Report Form. Download the form and keep a printed copy in the glove compartment of your automobiles. Download the form here ►►

Palos Park Police Department Offers CodeRED Weather Warning to all Village residents.
Palos Park Police Commissioner Dan Polk reminds everyone that the CodeRED Weather Warning service is now available to village residents. This system will provide Severe Weather Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings and Tornado Warnings as they are issued by the national Weather Service and affect the immediate area.
 MORE ►►

Palos Park Police Start Business (E-Mail) Crime Alert Notice System
To join the Business Email Notice System, E-Mail Chief Joe Miller at jmiller@palospark.org or drop him a line at Palos Park Police Department E-Mail Notice, 8999 W 123rd Ave, Palos Park, IL 60464.

The Village of Palos Park Police Department does not solicit over the phone for donations. The Palos Park Police collective bargaining unit local is the Metropolitan Order of Police (MAP) #150. MAP #150 does periodically solicit for contributions to fund MAP activities. For more Police information about Solicitation click here.


Palos Park Police Budget
2014 -2015 ►

Palos Park Police Cadets to Receive Cook County Sheriffs Youth Service Medal of Honor ►

Palos Park works with Cook County/FEMA on County-wide hazard mitigation plan. READ MORE ►

Police Undertake Core Services Review ►

Police Performance Measurements ►

Goal and Projects for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 ►

Families Against Chronic Excessive Speeding (FACES 4) ►

Be A Part of the Village Litter Awareness Program ►

Police Beat Map ►

On-Line INCIDENT Report►

Teen Hotline►

Get Involved in Your Community
C.O.P.S. Meeting
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Learn About the Palos Park Cadet Program
Each year the Palos Park Police Department sponsors a great Cadet program

Cadets Received Cook County Sheriff’s Youth Service Medal of Honor►

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