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"Serving with Pride"


 Goal and Projects for Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Alliance for Program Excellence

We have identified five “strategic directions”; the goals to pursue over the next several years that best exemplify these statements.

The five strategic directions identified are:

• Public Safety
• Community Partnerships
• Personnel Development
• Resource Management
• Technological Advancement

“EMBRACE IT” Program
The Palos Park Police Department’s goal is to be a service-driven organization with a culture of excellence where citizens receive the best, and employees give their best, every day. To that end, we look toward 2013+ in a planning, budgeting, training, preparing culture embodied in principles looking forward as a compass to guide us.


• Exceptional Service
• Measurable Success
• Build Trust
• Results-Oriented
• Accountability
• Community Outreach
• Excite Pride
• Innovation
• Teamwork

We work to foster a culture of accountability without blame where everyone is equally committed and equally responsible for the successful outcome.

In support of the Village Council’s commitment to provide a safe and inviting community in which to live, work and visit, the Palos Park Police Department seeks to employ the latest tools and technology available to provide effective and efficient law enforcement services.

As we work within an austere fiscally responsible mode, we seek staff members who are dynamic and astute team members open, trustworthy, honest, and straightforward. At all levels of our organization and our community we seek to form partnerships, a positive working relationship with engendered trust and respect.


Provide superior customer service

Always doing the right thing

In car reports via CAPERS, in car accident reports via IDOT

New non-payment of fines / fees collections system provider

Fill open police officer position / add a Cover – swing patrol supervisor for our full time & part time patrol staff. Thereby putting more officers on patrol.

Continued successful engagement with the community through social media and in person meetings.

Added focus on a more personalized, decentralized approach that encourages cooperation between police and residents.

Painted interior walls in the customer service area, and replace / update office furniture within the department.

Increase investigative case clearance rates

Search for alternative funding sources that will provide the best opportunities to hire, purchase equipment, and acquire technologies.

Prevent crime proactively through directed patrols and specialized details

Encourage continued police and citizen involvement in existing programs (i.e.; Neighborhood Watch COPS, Neighborhood Watches, Crime Awareness, Citizen’s Police Academy, partnering with our schools

Risk Management, priority #1. A careful examination of what, in our work, could cause harm to people, so that we can weigh whether we have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm

Palos Park Police Department Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE: 20 August 10
REVIEW DATE: 20 August 14


The purpose of this order is to establish goals and objectives encourage employee participation, establish procedures for reviewing progress toward achieving goals and objectives and to establish a policy of multiyear planning and review.

Organizational Component: For the purpose of this directive, any organizational entity established and staffed.

Goal: A relatively broad statement of the end or result that one intends ultimately to achieve. A goal usually requires a relatively long time span to achieve and, whenever possible, should be stated in a way that permits measurement of its achievement.

Objective: An objective is an end or result that one intends to attain in order to achieve partial fulfillment of a goal. An objective is a "sub-goal" or an element of a goal and, therefore, requires a shorter time to accomplish than does a goal.

Multi year Plan: The final product of the process of strategically planning for professional police service to the Village for future years. Such plans should include projection of needs such as additional police officers, equipment, capital improvements and a review process that would continually revise the plan as required.


A. Total Quality Management (TQM) Initiative.
1. Police Administration shall arrange TQM Initiatives annually, at the commencement of the goals and objectives planning process. This initiative shall include individual conference sessions with appropriate representatives of each organizational component (or subdivision) from within the Department.
2. In the interest of fostering an open and participatory process in the development of goals and objectives, opportunities shall also be made available for any member of this Department who wished a voice in the process. To this end, TQM conferences will be scheduled at any request with Police Administration.

To ensure direction and unity of purpose, as well as serve as a basis for measuring progress, goals and objectives will be written for the Department and each individual Division on an annual basis.

1. On an annual basis, subsequent to the TQM Initiatives, the Chief of Police shall formulate a comprehensive statement of Department goals and objectives. The timing will allow for the development of Division level goals and objectives. This process will coincide with the preparation of the annual budget.
2. On an annual basis, subsequent to the Chief's statement of goals and objectives, Division Commanders shall formulate written statements of goals and objectives for their respective Divisions and each organizational component within it. This process must include the solicitation of input from all employees for which the goals and objectives apply. Adequate time shall be allowed for this feedback process.
3. On an annual basis, at the conclusion of the formulation process, every employee will receive a written copy of the Departmental goals and objectives as well as those of their respective Divisions. This written copy will be issued to all staff.

A. Administration shall develop a written plan that will set forth long-term goals and operational objectives that will cover successive years beyond each budget year. This plan which shall be the end product of this detailed planning process should prove essential to effective management of the Palos Park Police Department into the future
B. Although the plan should be soundly developed with every attempt to identify goals and objectives that are reasonable and attainable, it should likewise remain flexible and subject to frequent review and updating.

The multi year plan shall include consideration of, but not be limited to the following:
1. Long term goals and objectives;
2. Anticipated workload and population trends;
3. Anticipated personnel levels;
4; Anticipated capital improvements and equipment needs; and
5. Written provision for review and revisions.




8999 West 123rd Street
Palos Park, IL 60464

POLICE BUSINESS (708)448-0639 or (708)671-3770
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday



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